Foreign Investments & Investing Overseas: April 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Foreign Investment Opportunities In Egypt

Foreign investments involving investing overseas are easier than most people think and great return on investment can be realized in a short period of time. With the right foreign investment, whether it involves real estate investments or establishing a business, investing overseas can be a great asset generation tool.
Business opportunities for real estate investing and other business ventures in Egypt are readily available. Achieve quick success with locating investment opportunities in high return areas. Real estate in certain areas of Egypt has been rapidly increasing in value, often doubling or tripling in value within 6-12 months, depending on the location. As always, those important words, location, location, location prevail. In Egypt's Red Sea area you can find numerous investment opportunities. Whether you're looking to buy a finished apartment or a resort, you can find great opportunities along the Red Sea Coast and it is likely that you'll get a good return on your investment over a short period of time in these areas.
The Red Sea area of Egypt is growing but there is so much opportunity there for astute investors. People are buying apartments or flats and private villas in Red Sea cities, they use them as vacation homes and then the units are rented when not in use by the owners. It's a great investing idea because the pricing on these apartment flats and villas is reasonable when compared to second home or vacation home pricing in the USA, UK and other European nations.

Marsa Alam, located in the southern Red Sea area of Egypt is destined to become the next rival of the French Riviera. There are multi million dollar projects in process there and this little town is well on the way to becoming "THE" place to go in Egypt. With miles of pristine beaches and untouched coral reefs, it is not only a relaxing place to be with breathtaking beaches, it is a world class diving destination. It is one of Egypt's slightly known areas and now is the time to get it on investing in this area as the pricing is still low and on the rapid growth pattern.
There is room for business investments of all kinds here, open a shop, restaurant, diving location or whatever kind of business you may be interested in. Everything is needed now as the town is growing quickly but businesses of every kind are just getting established. This affords the "ground level" opportunity for a business adventure. Marsa Alam also has it's own brand new international airport, which makes it easy to access. More information can be found at, there is information on Marsa Alam and Red Sea area at this site and a nice map of the Red Sea along with photos of the area to give a better idea of what is there if you're not aware of it already.

If you're not into starting a business in a foreign land, consider purchasing an apartment or private villa in one of the cities at Egypt's Red Sea. Marsa Alam and El Quseir are good choices because both are just growing up, prices are affordable and best of all, the property is freehold investment property. This means it can be sold to foreign investors and you have properly recorded title and deed to the property. It is not limited time ownership as some areas are, this is complete legal property ownership in a country that affords many advantages to foreign owners. These days there are many professional companies that manage properties for foreign investors. They take care of managing your apartment flat or villa and collecting rents when due along with all the other day to day management tasks. It makes life easy and can create a great source of income to the investing owner of the property.

If owning a resort is more your cup of tea, there's no better place than to develop yours at the Red Sea in Egypt. Egypt is a well known tourist destination with many historic sights and it's a place that so many are interested in visiting. Along the Red Sea, one can purchase land parcels that are ready to develop into resort hotels. Tourism is doing well in Egypt's Red Sea and the resort properties enjoy near 100% occupancy most of the year. Construction and permits are not complicated processes compared to other areas of the world and there is assistance available to help you through these matters. Many international hotels and resorts are already in the area such as Hilton, Marriot, Movenpick, Radisson, Holiday Inn just to mention a few of the most well known. European guests will recognize the Iberotel name amongst others.
We found a beautiful location with very wide beach access, plans for a resort hotel with private villas that can sell for 200-225,000 USD and still keep the resort hotel to own and operate with about 300 rooms. You can check it out yourself at

Clearly, whether you want a small reasonable investing opportunity or the big time with owning your own resort hotel, Egypt has potential and is a good consideration. Safety and stability of the economy there are making the Red Sea a fantastic place to invest.
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