Foreign Investments & Investing Overseas: July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Purchasing Egyptian Property: Practical Considerations

Many people are jumping on the opportunity to own property in Egypt . Especially so in the beautiful, beachfront destinations along the Red Sea in Egypt. The Red Sea has lured potential property owners with more than its charm. The economy is booming. Tourism is on the rise. And property values are expected to spike dramatically in the near future.

If you have read about all that Egypt has to offer and are dreaming of owning Egyptian property, there are some practical considerations that you should make. Fortunately, there is an abundance of information about purchasing properties in Egypt. You should take advantage of it. Learn all you can before making a decision to buy property in Egypt and think about the following practical considerations:

• Do you plan to move to Egypt or simply purchase a holiday home in Egypt?
How you will use the property will determine what type of property you will buy and how much it will cost to keep it maintained. If you choose to purchase a vacation property, you will have to pay a management company to maintain the property. Of course, you could rent the property out to make some extra money when you’re not using the home.

• Can you afford the property? A second home can be very expensive. Make sure that you know all of the cost involved. If you plan to move, there may be additional expenses that come along with living in a foreign country. Make sure you understand all of these costs fully.

• Can you make a living in the area? The economy at the Red Sea in Egypt is booming, but will you be able to make a living. If you posses certain trade skills, you should find out if these are in demand in the area before you make the decision to relocate.

• How long with you hold onto the property before you sell it? You should always have a financial plan for the future. If the property is an investment, have a clear idea of how you will manage your investment.

There is a great demand for housing in the Red Sea area of Egypt. If you plan to develop vacant land, you will need to understand all of the legal aspects of developing Egypt property. For example: It is not uncommon for it to take up to several months to receive a property title/deed for your property. You will still be able to develop and sell your property; however, you will need to understand how to legally do so.

There are also a few non-resident restrictions that you will need to consider. Currently, non-residents are allowed to own as much property in Egypt as they want. This avoids challenges if you planned to parcel off land, develop it, and sell each parcel individually.

While there are many practical considerations that you need to make before buying Egypt property, it is not that much different from purchasing property elsewhere. You should always do your research and make all real estate purchases with both eyes wide open.

Beach Property For Sale
Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale

Friday, July 24, 2009

Buying an Apartment in Marsa Alam Egypt

Brand new apartments located at the beautiful Red Sea city of Marsa Alam in Egypt southern Red Sea. Miles of pristine beaches await and a serene place for extended stays or as investment rentals. Marsa Alam is a world class diving destination with many unexplored diving treasures and a great overall atmosphere to get away.

It's an area that is growing quickly and is a prime investment area for anyone looking for an investment with good return potential.
In this brand new building, apartments ready for sale and they are discounted on
pricing so it is expected they will be sold rather quickly.

Marsa Alam is a very small village in Egypt's Red Sea area. It is a fast
growing place and has very good infrastructures in place so it is well on track to be one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Red Sea.
Marsa Alam has an international airport so it's just a short flight from Europe and the UK.
There is an elaborate yacht club which has been recently completed and the area close by is very pricey. Marsa Alam is sure to draw many good residents in the coming years as it is said to be the next french riviera..... we'll call it the prize of the red sea riviera.

It is already a popular destination for many people and local resorts enjoy a good volume of visitors. There are a few large resort hotels which exist in the area and there are numerous buildings under construction which will be other hotels, resorts and apartment buildings, shops, etc.
Everywhere you look today, in Marsa Alam, there is construction going on as the development continues from that of a tiny fishing village to a beautiful town at the Red Sea. Surely if you're looking for a place busy with tourists then this might not be the right place to you and maybe you should be looking at Hurghada instead. Hurghada streets are filled with tourists every day of the year and the night life goes on all night.
If you want peace and quiet and happy with the sand and the sea, then Marsa Alam is the place to be. If you want a great investment opportunity then buying an off plan apartment in Marsa Alam could be the best bet.

There are apartments available for sale right now which are in the process of construction in a brand new building. The building owner is Egyptian-American and he has taken every step to take care of the construction process to see that the quality of the building is very high. Additionally, he is taking the effort to be selective in the tenants which will have shoppes at the street level of the building.

The building is located in the town area and is just a short distance to the beach. (about 5 minutes walking). The building is located right on the corner of two streets and it will
have shops on the street level. At street level you can sit in the cafe, enjoy a cappuccino, smoke some sheesha, get something to eat or just enjoy watching the passers by,

The apartments are located on the upper floors. This property is basically "off-plan" since selling of the units is done as the building is being completed. Many people like this since it means they're getting a substantially reduced price, just 14000 Euros for a one bedroom unit and a 18000 Euros for a 2 bedroom unit.
This is a common way to buy in many places of the world, it works well and the Egyptian government does closely control and monitor these types of transactions in order to see that everything is legal and done according to the way it is supposed to be. You are able to own the property freehold and you can keep it forever, sell it, rent it, live in it or do whatever you might desire.

Some people might not be familiar with purchasing an off plan property but it is commonly done in Egypt and the process of purchasing this way works quite nicely so these apartments and shoppes will be sold and let in the traditional off plan contract for sale.

Buying off plan give you the chance to have a very special pricing on the apartment and then the interior is finished at additional cost. Interior finishing for a 1 bedroom unit is 8,000 Euros and finishing for the 2 bedroom unit is $10,500 Euros.
Some people prefer to finish it themselves, especially those that are local to the area. Many times foreigners want the apartments to be completed and we're happy to provide the finishing of the units if you desire that.

Our finishing packages will bring the apartments to American style finishing with nice bathroom fixtures, full shower and bath, kitchen with cabinets and a wardrobe closet for storage in the bedroom.
With our finishing packages, standard tile flooring will be added and the interior walls will be painted in neutral colors. Of course if you want a certain color theme we will be most happy to make it to your request.

With our finishing packages, just add furniture and you'll be ready to move in. Refrigerator and stove is not included in the finishing pricing, most people prefer to select one of their own choosing. Of course we can help you with these appliances and well as furniture if you need help.

The building will have an on site manager so there will always be someone around to help you with whatever you might need. Sometimes people buy the apartments for their own use and other times they are looking to get them as investment purposes.

As investments go, this is a great one as the apartments in Marsa Alam are in heavy demand. There are not many apartments there and this is an absolutely gorgeous place to spend some time. It's quiet there and a great place for those that want to get away from it all and enjoy life a little on the relaxed side of things.
If you're wanting to rent the place while not using it personally, there is a big rental market there for apartments and you would find it quite easy to have it rented whenever you like. Management companies are readily available to help with taking care of your guests while you're abroad.

The next step if you're interested is usually to see the place and make your choice of an apartment to purchase. A contract for the purchase will be made between us and the initial
payment is due at contract signing. The amount due for the first payment is 40% of the purchase price. The remaining 60% is payable according to the finishing time you request.

Apartments can be completed by winter 2009.
If this is a program that works for you, after the initial payment and good faith money at the contract, the remaining will be paid over 5 monthly payments with the final payment due at delivery of the unit to you.

Finishing packages for the units will be due during the final 3 payments.

If you're in Egypt or thinking about coming there and if you'd like to see the building you're welcome to let us know. It's a great offer and if it's what you're looking for then we're looking to help you select a unit and get signed up.
We'd like to help you in whatever way you need so just let us know what we can do.

If you're looking to make a great investment, Egypt is a secure place to do that. It's safe and the locals are very friendly to foreigners. In fact, if you're in Marsa Alam, it will more likely be that the Egyptians are the foreigners as the residents throughout the area are more European and from the UK. There are plenty of Egyptians but don't really expect them to be your neighbors, most of the apartments in Marsa Alam will be owned and occupied by foreigners. People are buying these apartments because it's a great investment and Egypt is such a friendly place to foreigners. Of course the beaches and quiet are tops on the list.
The Red Sea Egypt. Where the sun shines every day, 365 days a year.

Visit the website to see more about the Marsa Alam apartments

come stay awhile in Egypt

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale

Beach Property For Sale
Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hawaii, Land Of The Millionaires?

If you want to hang with the wealthy you might want to head to Hawaii. Phoenix Marketing International has announced the results of their latest study which shows that Hawaii remains the state with the largest percentage of millionaires per the overall population. In the Aloha State as in most everywhere else, the amount of millionaires has diminished over the past year. They led the list last year with 7.26 percent of the population and continue to dominate in 2009 with 6.4 percent of Hawaii's households being worth $1 million or more in investable or liquid assets, (excluding sponsored retirement plans and real estate).

The other states in the top five are Maryland (6.3 percent), New Jersey (6.2 percent), and Connecticut (6.2 percent), an order of ranking unchanged since 2008 with Virginia sneaking into the top five at 5.5 percent, displacing Massachusetts which is now in sixth place. Since this list ranks the percentage per population the smaller states have a better shot at making it to the top.

Where can you find the lowest percentage of millionaires? That would be Mississippi which has owned the bottom spot for the past four years and hits a new low this year with 3.06 percentage of the population being millionaires. The state with the most millionaire households is California with 662,735 or 5.28 percent of the population. The complete list is available as a PDF download here.

Another survey recently released looked at wealth distribution by city. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new U.S. Metro Wealth Index by Capgemini (which does the World Wealth Report) showed that Orlando Florida lost 42 percent of its millionaire population last year while Las Vegas lost 38 percent and Phoenix lost 34 percent. It's no coincidence that these towns were also some of the hardest hit in the real estate boom-turned-bust. Millionaires in this survey were defined as those with investible assets of $1 million or more, not including the value of primary residence. Add in the value of the primary residence and these numbers might be even lower.

As with the by-state numbers, those with the biggest populations lost the most millionaires meaning that New York City ranked first, Los Angeles was second and Chicago third in the amount of millionaires lost . The rest of the cities in the top ten were Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Jose and Houston.

by Deidre Woollard

Beach Property For Sale
Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Egypt Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Egypt has much promise for the investor looking for reasonably priced real estate which can experience steady appreciation in value.

The real estate market in Egypt is quite strong, particularly along the Red Sea from Hurghada to Marsa Alam. With international airports serving both of these tourist destinations in Egypt, these properties for sale Red Sea Egypt offer faster return on investing than in many other foreign markets.

Real estate investors can invest in Egypt's real estate market today with complete confidence in their investment of properties. Foreign investors especially can find great opportunities, land parcels, private villas and even apartment buildings are available for purchase by foreign investors. Buying land in Egypt or buying an apartment building in Egypt can be very rewarding to foreign investors. Apartments are in high demand at the Red Sea as it is a very busy tourist area. Private apartments are appealing to many foreign visitors that desire to stay long term in Egypt. This causes opportunities for investors in Egypt to purchase apartments or flats, even to purchase an entire building with apartments and shops that can be rented or sold individually as condominium units.

When considering to buy real estate in Egypt, land parcels with direct beach frontage are available in Hurghada and there are not very many left. As we know, they're not making any more beach land, when it is sold then it will be gone. There are fantastic opportunities right now for anyone that wants to invest in beach property for private development or resort development in Hurghada Egypt.

Apartment buildings can be purchased which already has the permits and the main structure is already in place. This makes it easy and a real investment opportunity for an investor for Egypt property to purchase the building "shell" and then get quick finishing assistance from the seller. Investors which are prepared to complete these types of buildings can experience rapid returns on investment especially in Marsa Alam which is a newly developing area and doesn't have enough apartments or shops to meet the needs of the growing community. It's an excellent area, Marsa Alam international airport does serve the area regularly so it is easy accessible from Europe and the UK. Buying an apartment building in Marsa Alam in this way is beneficial to foreign investors because they don't have to deal with getting permits and permissions for construction.

If you're thinking of buying property in Egypt for investment, check out the land parcels available in Hurghada or to buy an apartment building in Marsa Alam.
Land parcels in Hurghada are available from 10,000m2 and a 13 unit apartment building with 7 shoppes can be purchased for 280,000US dollars.

More information can be obtained from

Beach Property For Sale

Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale
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