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Friday, August 14, 2009

Egyptian Property For Sale, or Property for sale in Egypt

If you are interested in Egyptian property for sale, whether it is a holiday home or retirement home, the first thing you should do is get yourself an efficient guide. A Egyptian Property selling agent will introduce and familiarize you with the Egyptian property selling laws, right from the sale contract to the acte authentique.

The secret to identifying Egyptian property for sale lies in finding the right property for sale in the best location and grabbing it up by both hands at the lowest possible price. Whether it’s a holiday apartment, town house, luxury villa or a plot of land, find yourself a Egyptian property for sale agent who will be dedicated to helping you on your way.

Egypt has always been a staple favorite amongst overseas property sellers and purchasers. This is largely due to its weather, healthy economy and infrastructure, which are easily amongst the best, besides being one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. Its close proximity to the rest of Europe also adds attraction and value to property for sale in Egypt.

Egyptian property is highly attractive to expatriates and the selling and buying process is a familiar and relatively straightforward one, especially if the titles and other papers to sell the Egyptian property are in order. I would also like to share the fact that there aren’t any restrictions on foreign ownership of property in Egypt. Such a process may however take slightly longer in Egypt than in, may be some other countries.

When selling or purchasing in a foreign country and foreign language, it is always in your benefit to appoint an independent lawyer to look after your interests when you are selling or purchasing property in Egypt.

If you are looking for Egyptian property for sale, or property for sale in Egypt familiarize yourself with the right and legal procedure. Learn in detail about the documents required for sale of property in Egypt, purchase, Fee and Taxes concerning Egyptian property, inclusive of Capital Gains Tax, Recurring costs, Will and Mortgage.

Author: grfabiola

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What You Need To Know About Egypt

Egypt is a country that can mainly be found in North Africa. The country borders the Red Sea (east), Sudan (south), Libya (west), Mediterranean Sea (north) and the Gaza Strip and Israel (north east). It covers an area of about 1,010,000 square kilometers and has a population that is estimated to have 76 million inhabitants who live near the banks of the Nile River alone.

Just like any other countries, Egypt has adopted many names. It ranges from the ancient Egypt stage to Coptic stage, to early Greek, Arabic and so on. It has also been termed as the black land, land of the riverbank, and the two straits. Having been able to adopt many names within the different periods of time, the country finally got a permanent name - Egypt. The English name was derived from the Latin word Aegyptus which means "the name of a temple of the God Ptah at Memphis".
Geographically, Egypt holds the 38th-largest country in the world. It is approximately believed that the country is twice the size of France and the same size as of all of Central America. However, though it has quite a big land area, people do not seem to use the entire land. In fact, the inhabitants use only about 5.5% of the total land area. This is because of the aridity of Egypt's climate; which is why the inhabitants are concentrated along the Nile Valley and Delta.

Aside from the famous Nile Valley, the majority of Egypt is desert which includes parts of the Libyan and Sahara desserts. The country's towns and cities do include: Cairo (the country's capital), Alexandria (one of the greatest ancient cities), Aswan, Asyut, Giza (where the Pyramid of Khufu can be found), El-Mahalla El-Kubra, Luzor, Kom Ombo, Hurghada, Port Said, Port Safaga, Suez (where you can find the Suez Canal), Sharm el Sheikh, Al-Minya and Zagazig.

The country's climate, as expected, does not receive that much of a rainfall except in winter. Snow can be experienced only on Sinai's mountains and some of the north coastal cities and occasionally in Alexandria. Frost can also be seen in mid-Egypt and mid-Sinai. As for the temperature of the country, during summer it is expected to be between the average of 80F (27C) and 90F (32C) and in winter, it is expected to be between the average of 55F (13C) and 70F (21C).

Furthermore, Islam is the predominant religion of Egypt. About 90% of the population is Muslims and their national language is Arabic. Most of its livelihood focus in agriculture and settlements can be seen along the Nile River.
Every year tourists visit the country during the favorable months of mid-October to May, when the weather is not that hot. They visit the country to be able to witness what Egypt is famous for; the history, the ancient monuments, the Karnak Temple, the Pyramids, particularly the Giza, the Valley of the Kings and the Opera House which is the only one in the Arab world.

Author: Jessica Nielson

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Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monaco Rocks The Property World

Amazing figures are being banded around of just how valuable property is in Monaco, with one report indicating a 30 per cent in value while other leading areas such as London and New York's residential property markets stall during the credit crunch.

There is no doubt that property in Monaco is valuable, and that it is among the most sought after real estate in the world - but are the press reports suggesting astronomical prices for an average apartment accurate?

One company who can accurately state what is happening in Monaco is International Property Tribune, who uniquely run both leading property and travel internet sites for the tax haven.
'The problem with Monaco property prices', they say, 'Is that there are no official statistics to show what is happening across the Principality. Monaco is probably unique in that the country doesn't collate the figures. It wouldn't be difficult to do as each sale goes through a government notary - but figures aren't published.'

But the latest properties they have that are new to the Monaco property market suggests that prices are still, despite the recent global economic turmoil, higher than anywhere else in Europe.

On the Boulevard d'Italie, Monte Carlo, a 70m2 one bedroom apartment is available at a touch under 2 million Euros. Not too excessive for Monaco - but the apartment has no views, and doesn't even have its own parking space. Over in Fontvieille, near the helipad that connects Monaco and Nice International Airport, is a two bedroom apartment that does have views - of the Mediterranean - and a parking space, and that is priced at 4,700,000 Euros.

But it is a studio apartment measuring just 50m2 for 4,900,000 Euros - getting on for 7 million US dollars - that makes even a casual observer appreciate that Monaco property prices really are the highest in Europe.

Clarifying further why properties for sale in Monaco are so high International Property Tribune points out that Monaco is a tax haven - and during times of recession the wealthy realise that the money they have is going to work hardest when it isn't subject to tax and demand for tax haven property can increase as it is part of the process of gaining residency in Monaco along with having an account with one of the Monaco banks.

The supply of property in Monaco is pretty limited, with many owners keeping their properties longer than in the past - a good turnover used to happen as residents fulfilled their residency needs and then moved on, often after five years, but now keep their property as an investment instead of returning it to the market for sale.

New supply will come in the form of a new island Monaco will be building that will house apartments and infrastructure such as a university and art galleries, but the island - widely tipped to be called Princess Grace Island - is some ten years away, and until then Monaco property will continue to be in short supply.

In summary Tribune say that the current high prices for Monaco property are sustainable due to the lack of supply, but it depends upon demand continuing in the way it has in recent years.

'The British have made up an increasing percentage of the overall number of buyers for Monaco property in recent years to the extent that it's reached 40 per cent of the buying market originating from the UK, and if the City of London and the British banking sector continues to do hit problems as it has in recent months - then we might see overall Monaco property prices drop in value.'

Author: Henri Boulanger

Beach Property For Sale
Land Parcels for resort development. Direct beach access, priced to sell Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt. Red Sea Resorts

Egypt Apartments For Sale
Brand new 1 or 2 bedroom apartments/flats in Red Sea city of Marsa Alam Egypt.Egypt Apartment For Sale
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